GABRIEL ALBO G.ALBO // User Experience Designer

Geomarketing leader in Latin America *

NOTE: The client’s name, images and project details must remain private due to a non-disclosure agreement.


A geomarketing specialized client that provides a software solution to support their own clients to, based on demographic and market data, find the best locations in Brazilian cities to open franchises or put ads. I have worked on redesigning the reports module.

We have started this project with a 2-day long discovery workshop which involved many of the clients (from IT and operations to C-level people), through which we played around with exercises such as the Visual Telephone, hopes and fears(using the level people), through which we played around with exercises such as the Hot Air Baloon format), filled a Business Model Canvas, the Elevator Pitch, a Business Origami, Future Facebook Posts, Personas and User journeys. From there, we've defined the problems we would then try to solve and uncovered needs and opportunities.

During this 6 weeks project, myself and a colleague did a lot of user interviews and usability testing, prototyped on paper possible solutions for their problems and iteratively tested and validated our solutions. We were lucky to be able to do all that with real users who had a lot of insight of what they needed and wanted from the system.

I have also facilitated many design sessions with clients and users.

The client's maturity was also a key aspect, for our collaboration througout the process drove us all to a better solution for the specific problem we were trying to solve, but also opened doors with hypothesis to be tested for new oportunities that were discovered through along the way.

Some of the many components we have rapidily built to enrich the user testing sessions.

Paper prototypes that were used during user research with real users, who easily abstracted the concepts and clicked and dragged paper as if it were the actual system they used on a daily basis.

The clickable mockups prepared after validating the paper prototypes.

PROCESS, TECHNOLOGIES AND TECHNIQUES:Discovery workshop Paper prototyping Clickable mockups User interviews Usability testing Focus groups Heuristics evaluation User Journeys Personas Facilitation Business Origami Visual Telephone Business Model Canvas Elevator Pitch Future Facebook Posts