GABRIEL ALBO G.ALBO // User Experience Designer

Misc (open source, contests, volunteering)

I’ve always liked to work on volunteer and open source projects as a way to exercise my skills and learn.

Here’s some of the work:


Vila Pinto website. CEA is an NGO that supports women who are victims of violence by providing them work, education and leisure activities for their children. I have worked closely with the volunteers in building their website, mostly with UX design and front-end development.

Part of the website cover

Via Zen: As a Zen buddhism practitioner, I support the state Zen Buddhist association with front-end development, UX design and content strategy for their website and visual design for campaign and merchandising.

Part of the website cover


I have participated of small teams for open data visualization projects for contests ran by the Brazilian Justice Ministry. I have worked as UX/UI designer, visual designer and front-end developer for both projects.

Rodovias/BR: Data visualization of Brazilian road accidents. Using the Google Maps API and open Brazilian road accidents data, we’ve mapped accidents by number, cause, fatalities, etc.. I have worked with front-end development, interaction and visual design. We took Fourth place at the contest.

Viewing data by Brazilian state.
Viewing data by road

Reclamacões/BR: Customer complaint data visualization using open data and Javascript d3. Second place at the contest.

Broad data visualization for ranking and narrow information for specific companies.

Pet projects:

Easy retro: A distributed agile restrospective board simulating a physical whiteboard and stickies that could be collaborativelly written, edited and moved around. Worked as UX designer and front-end developer for a project to run distributed agile retrospectives.

Easy retro demo