GABRIEL ALBO G.ALBO // User Experience Designer

U.S. Top 3 Clothing retailer *

NOTE: The client’s name, images and project details must remain private due to a non-disclosure agreement.

Over the course of 2 years I have worked for this client. I have been a part of a total of 5 projects, all dealing with their e-com platform (ranked amongst the world’s top 20 for retail by revenue).

I have worked on:

Much like Jared Spool’s 300 million dollars button, I was part of a team that implemented a Guest checkout feature - that is, the ability for customers to make their purchases without registering.

I have work mapping personas and their journeys, planning, implementing and monitoring different segments for A/B tests, doing front-end development and interaction design.

Thanks to the e-commerce’s huge traffic, A/B testing proved us in less than 30 minutes that our hypothesis - that providing a guest checkout would increase conversion and even engagement - was true, and even surpassing initial predictions.

Amongst the many improvements in the existing product pages, out team also discovered through user and A/B testing that different brands could benefit from having a bigger or a smaller level of zoom turned on for their product pictures. Depending on the product (such as dresses, shoes or accessories), displaying the fabric in more details was benefitial, while for others, displaying bigger parts of the product led to more prople adding them to their shopping carts.

Besides front-end development, I’ve done A/B testing and usability testing some interaction design.

I’ve worked on the shipping details page and with the returns label - a printed label that is generated for customers to send purchased items back.

Most of my work was front-end development, especially playing around with the (infamous) media=”print” attribute.

I was part of a team that implemented a redesign of the customer account management page.

LOCATIONS: Porto Alegre (Brazil), San Francisco/CA (USA), Cleveland/OH (USA).

PROCESS, TECHNOLOGIES AND TECHNIQUES:Analytics A/B testing Interaction design HTML CSS Javascript Usability testing